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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is a continuation on the ever popular Power Rangers series. Lost Galaxy is the fifth TV series based on the original show. All of the Power Rangers shows were inspired by Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, a Japanese TV series. The show was produced by Haim Saban, Shuki Levy and Jonathan Tzachor.

Unlike previous shows in the franchise, this series is not based on any of the previous versions. You will find a totally new story and cast in this spin on the series. While there are lots of new elements at play, not everything is new. This series is very special because it has some things in common with the other versions, but many unique aspects as well. Unlike previous seasons, you can find many darker scenes in Lost Galaxy. This is the first time a Ranger ever dies in battle for example.

There are five rangers in this series, the red, blue, green, yellow and pink rangers. Each of them controls a different element as their power. In addition to that they each have their own special sword.

The Red Ranger is the leader of the group. His weapon of choice is the Lion Quasar Saber. Next is the Blue Ranger. It's worth noting that this is the first time the Blue Ranger was portrayed by an Asian American male. He uses the Gorilla Quasar Saber and the element under his control is water. The Green Ranger is the mechanic aboard the Rangers Astro Megaship, and is the lighthearted joking one among the group. The element under his control is wind and he uses the Condor Quasar Saber.

The Yellow Ranger is Maya. She was formerly a resident of planet Mirinoi. She joined the rangers after her planet got turned in to stone. She uses the Wolf Quasar Saber, and the element of thunder is under her control. The Pink Ranger is the last of the five. She uses the power of nature and the Wildcat Quasar Saber is her main weapon.

The show was produced by Saban Entertainment. It originally aired back in February 6 to December 18 1999. Over all there were 45 episodes in the series.

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2 Seasons, 47 Episodes
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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Full Episode Guide

  • Trapped on a desolate Moon in the ruins of Terra Venture, Leo faces Trakeena all alone.

  • The Rangers struggle to free the lost Galactabeasts from Deviot.

  • Stumbling out of the wreckage of the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena emerges as a hideous insect. Leo, still unable to find the others, follows her slimy trail to the Command Headquarters. There, they battle until the other Rangers arrive and destroy Trakeena once and for all. Meanwhile, the colonists are thrilled to discover that the planet they have landed on is idyllic. The Rangers join the people on the planet, and Maya discovers that the strange land is actually her home planet of Mirinoi, with all its inhabitants turned to stone. With their mission fulfilled, the Rangers put the swords back into the stone and magically, the villagers return to life. They welcome the colonists to their planet and everyone is happy at last.

  • On orders from Trakeena, the Stingwingers descend into Terra Venture, where the populace is trying to escape the ship. The Rangers try to defend the colony, but the Megazords are destroyed. The Rangers finally defeat the last of the villains but are saddened at the loss of their Megazords. On the Megaship, Trakeena attacks again, and the Rangers are forced to flee on their Jet Jammers and set their ship on self-destruct. The Scorpion Stinger is caught in the explosion and sent careening to the Moon's surface. All the Rangers land safely on a strange planet, except for Leo, who has crash-landed on the rocky Moonscape with no way to reach his team.

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