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Nanami Haruka is the main character in this coming of age anime. She is a young girl who dreams of becoming a composer for her favorite idol,Hayato. To achieve her dreams she enrolls in Saotome Academy, which is a school for debuting idols to learn their trade even better. When one graduates from the academy they get a chance to perform in a debut concert and the winner gets the chance to work as professional idols. But the competition is out to get our heroine as she works her way through the school meeting potential idols and composers. Her only chance is to do better than her best.

In the first episode we are introduced to our main characters, most of which are men. This anime brings together comedy and the love of music to bring our characters closer. The better they get to know each other the more they love Haruka's music. But with each passing day Haruka is forced to face another challenge to strengthen her abilities as a composer, and as graduation day draws closer she has to pick a partner to compose for. She has made so many friends who want her to compose for them that there's no way she could possibly choose.

This show is an adaptation from the popular game and was also made into a book. There are two seasons of Uta no Prince Sama, consisting of thirteen episodes each. Season two continues Haruka's journey after graduation with all her friends as they try to make it as idols. The professional world is a lot different than being at the academy though, and they have to learn that being an idol is more work than they expected it to be. The journey of Nanami Haruka enchants with music at every episode while she learns the skill of her newfound trade. Haruka shows us that with hard work and persistence you can achieve your dreams.

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2 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Returning Series
July 2, 2011
Anime, Comedy, Music, Romance
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  • Maji LOVE 2000%

  • Heavens Gate

  • Dreamer's Symphony

  • The "Uta Pri Award" has finally been announced. Their joy is short-lived as the other nominated idol group HEAVENS are given Haruka's songs to sing. When the presidents of both agencies audaciously bet the dissolution of their groups on the award, STARISH is elated.

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