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Let's Eat is a South Korean television show that is based on four single individuals who all live in one apartment compound together. They all come together because they discover that all four of them love food. The cast of Let's Eat is Yoon So-hee , Yoon Doo-joon, Shim Hyung-tak, and Lee Soo-kyung. The show aired for 1 year, from 2013 to 2014 and had a total of 16 episodes and 1 season. Time to meet the cast and the crew:

Lee Soo-kyung is a paralegal who is very happily divorced but lonely for friendships. She also shares the other characters' love for food. Gu Dae-young adores all kinds of food and can never get enough of it. He is also a very mysterious person. Yoon Jin-yi is formerly rich and is now a design student making her way in the world.. Last but not least, Kim Hak-moon is a beautiful lawyer who loves living alone but never likes to go out to eat alone. All four of them decide to start eating out together and realize that they all enjoy each other's company very much. They begin to get involved in each other's lives and become friends.

Let's Eat is a romance/comedy/thriller and originates from South Korean using the Korean language. It is directed by Seo Min-jung, Im Se-bin, Im Young-jin, Kim Se-hee, Park Joon-hwa, Kim Bo-yeon, Kim Gye-young, Choi Min-sun, and Park Min-hyun. Let's Eat is written by Lee Ye-rim, Jo Yoon-kyung, Im Soo-mi, Kim Hyo-shin, and Jun Ji-hyun.