Speed Racer Enterprises TV Shows

Speed Racer Enterprises is responsible for taking the original Speed Racer Series and releasing all kinds of new and recycled merchandise and videos. Speed Racer Enterprises was really the channel that was responsible for the overall popularity of the series, the popularity it received in the 1990's. This is especially true in America and on American television. The network released metal die-cast cars that replicated those seen in the show, action figures and some video releases of the original Speed Racer Episodes.

Speed Racer Enterprises are the creators of the American version of the newer Speed Racer episodes. The newer episodes are called The Newer Adventures of Speed Racer and another called Speed Racer: the Next Generation. In addition to revamping the show with new episodes Speed Racer Enterprises also got the old episodes of Speed Racer a lot of air time. Speed Racer Enterprises played the old episodes on MTV. The old episodes received exceptional viewer ratings. The Newer Adventures of Speed Racer is a revamp of the old series. It contained newer, more technological themes.

Speed Racer Enterprises also encompassed the films and even a one-act play. The play was a success at the San Diego Comic Convention. It detailed the lives of Speed Racer characters after the show was over. Speed Racer Enterprises continues to provide new material about the character of Speed, his world, his family and friends and the adventures they find themselves getting into. They typically produce cartoons and comics to show these events.