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The All Warrior Network (AWN) is designed to provide entertainment for those in the military. The material presented by the network focuses on both serious issues and humorous aspects of life in the service. All video content presented on the site is originally produced by the network.

The network exists thanks to a partnership between two separate media entities, Musa Productions and TV4 Entertainment. The network and channel both have a very polished look because professional producers are at the helm.

Topics on the AWN Channel range. There are documentaries related to PTSD, the Vietnam War, and heroic servicemen. Weekly SITREP is a news parody of sorts that covers different subjects that pop up in the news during the week. Military history subjects are exactly what the name suggests. These videos go back in time to look at events that transpired during pivotal moments in American combat. Top 5's return viewers to humorous territory and add light-heartedness to the channel.

Videos are updated fairly regularly. Certain videos are short in length and others are upwards of an hour depending upon the subject matter. The diverse topics show the channel tries to present a wide array of different videos for all members of the service.

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