Watch TV Shows on Anipled

Anipled is an online digital content distribution company that was founded in 2006. The focus of the channel's programming is on adventure sports and activities. Mountain climbing, trail running, hiking, cross-country cycling, travel, and exotic cooking are the main themes of the show.

While the content is available through select television channels in traditional cable packages, the majority of the content is more easily found and viewed online. The nature of the programming differs, from real-life documentaries, to live events, to fictional stories meant only for educational purposes.

There are over 500 different shows, series, and documentaries on the channel, and users can download them for free. The live events, such as the Alpine Skiing Competition, are often promoted and shown on the website in real time as the competition is taking place. Recently, a live broadcasting of the Italian Alps Cycling Tour allowed event organizers to recognize an upcoming disturbance and guide the cyclists away from danger.

Anipled is a great channel for sports and outdoor enthusiasts who want to find content that isn't readily available on a lot of the larger channels. It is also a valuable resource to learn more about the planet through professionally produced documentaries.