Watch TV Shows on Atlantic Records

This is your home for the artists from the past and present at Atlantic Records. This channel shows you all the music that has been produced by Atlantic over the years, but it also shows you videos from these artists. You might forget that some of your favorite old artists were signed to Atlantic, but you might also find new artists that you have never heard of before. The people that you see on the Atlantic Records channel are some of the greatest musicians of their generation, and you will learn a great deal about them beyond their music.

The channel has videos and interviews that are going to give you more information than you could ever have thought about your favorite artists. This music has a story, and you want to learn all the stories so that you can get the most out of your listening experience.

The best way for people to learn more about the music from the world of Atlantic Records is to check in on the channel. The channel offers you plenty to listen to, and you get even more to watch so that you will be able to have music running all day long from the channel.