Watch TV Shows on Birdhouse Skateboards

This channel offers viewers the chance to watch new videos and hang out with Tony Hawk and his crew every Tuesday as they session different skateboard spots around the world. The show features the team riding skateboard parks, ditches, pools, and quite a few of the episodes take place in his backyard. The riders for Birdhouse are a versatile group that attack many different types of terrain and they skateboard all of it very well. In one episode, Portland skater Ben Raybourn rides different concrete ditches around the country. All of the episodes incorporate modern skateboard music and are very well filmed and synchronized to the soundtrack.

In another episode, Tony Hawk and his friends skateboard the iconic Badlands skateboard park. This park is known for its intimidating concrete full pipe and combination pool. Despite his age, Tony Hawk is still ripping along with his other team riders. He attempts the harrowing loop of death in one episode, and he is able to pull it off despite numerous slams. Along with skateboarding, this channel also features the antics and pranks the team take part in on their tours. They take part in many practical jokes including a very popular episode in which Tony pulls a hover board prank on the rest of the team. Birdhouse is a great skateboard company with a talented variety of amateur and professional skateboarders and viewers will appreciate the variety of world class skateboarding and riders on this channel.