Watch TV Shows on Blaze

The Blaze Channel is the brain-child of Libertarian and TV personality Glenn Beck. The channel is carried by as many as 100 TV providers throughout the country. They offer daily programming that consists of shows hosted by Mr. Back and a group of like-minded conservative pundits plus numerous other TV show formats.

The Blaze Channel is an off-shoot of The Blaze website, which was introduced to the Internet on August 31, 2010. The website was established to provide another forum for Mr. Beck to report news and cover controversial political issues. After leaving "The Glenn Beck Show" on the Fox News Channel in June of 2011, Mr. Beck founded the Glenn Beck TV Internet channel (September 2011), which was eventually re-branded as The Blaze Channel on June 18, 2012 by network producer Mercury Radio Arts.

At the channel's core is five daily live broadcasts provided by Glenn Beck, Pat Gray Stu Burguiere, Dana Loesch and Laurie Dhue. For viewers who are unable to tune in for the live broadcasts, re-broadcasts are offered throughout the day. Aside from a wide range of political issues, these shows cover breaking news, irrelevant news and investigative reports.

For variety, these shows are supplement by a wide range of weekly and intermittent shows that cover genres such as documentaries, American history for kids, reality shows, political satire, comedies and religious shows. While the topics covered spill over into a variety of areas with very few boundaries, many of the shows are admittedly conservative in nature.