Watch TV Shows on Broadway Video

The Broadway Video Channel provides programming for viewers who are patrons of Broadway quality productions. Some of the programming of the Broadway Video Channel is the rebroadcast of actual Broadway productions while other programming relates to subject matters involving the actors, producers and other key figures that make up a Broadway production.

If the casual viewer is not a patron of the Broadway productions, they will still be entertained by the skill of the actors putting on live performances as well as the behind the scene look at what is needed to put on a show night after night.

The channel's programming is as diverse as the number of Broadway productions that have been performed. Many will be surprised to see main stream television and film actors and actresses in a number of Broadway productions. Many actors and actresses received their start in the entertainment industry through a Broadway production.

The channel also provides the capability to view Broadway productions on demand and via live streaming. This enables a viewer to select the particular programing that they would like to review at the time of their choosing.

The channel is an excellent educational tool for young performers in the entertainment industry as well as patrons who enjoy seeing their favorite show or piece of literature preformed live.

Live performances differ greatly from regular film. Mistakes are live and the actor and actresses have to maintain a high level of professionalism to perform the same piece each night and sometimes twice on Saturday.