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Chiller is the one place you can find horror and suspense films and TV shows. This channel has nothing but original programming and movies all day long that fall into this genre. You might be a major fan of the movies and TV shows that are really scary, and you can tune in to Chiller to see these shows whenever you want. You can get more from Chiller than you ever thought possible because they never stop showing something that is going to make your heart race.

These films and TV shows span the world, and you will get to see movies and TV from all over the world. Sometimes, you will want to see movies and shows from Asia, or you might want to see something that was made in Europe. You will learn about the world of horror and suspense films, and you will get to watch clips and videos on the subject. You can see behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies, or you can watch these clips to see what it is like when your favorite actors are getting ready to play in these movies. This is the best place to go when you want a good fright.

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