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The CW is a result of a combination of the WB and UPN. These two networks were trying to bring in new programming to compete with the original three networks. They were struggling, but they combined to make one big network that has brought you some of the best shows of your generation. When you sit down to watch TV on the CW, you are going to immersed in worlds that you could not imagine happening on the other networks.

When the CW was young, they brought you Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls. These two shows alone made the network what it is. The people in Dawson's Creek all went on to be superstars in the world of film and TV. Gilmore Girls launched the careers of many actor, and it helped to revive the careers of many more actors.

They now have one of the most popular shows in the history of TV in Supernatural, and they still carry the very popular America's Next Top Model. When you are watching the CW, you are going to be put in touch with a concept that was born in the 90s and soldiers on today with unique original family and drama programming.