Watch TV Shows on DreamWorks

DreamWorks goes by several different names. It officially is DreamWorks II Holding Co., LLC, but it also goes by DreamWorks Pictures and DreamWorks SKG. The SKG aspect of the name is for the initials of the last names of the three men who founded the company. The three founders are Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.

DreamWorks produces everything from television programming to video game content and films. Originally, DreamWorks served as its own film distributor, but due to cost of distributing its own production, Disney currently handles the distribution of the movies under its Touchstone Picture title (what makes this rather interesting is that Disney's Pixar Studios is in regular competition with DreamWorks Animation, and while different production studios, both are distributed by Disney).

The three founders created DreamWorks back in 1994 and it has its offices located in Universal Studious. 11 years after the original inception of the company, the founders sold DreamWorks to Viacom, which is the lead company of Paramount Pictures (Steven Spielberg has had an extensive relationship with Paramount over the years as many of his movies, such as the Indian Jones franchise, has been produced by Paramount).

The company has gone through a few different sales and movements, with DreamWorks Animation now serving as a separately owned company. The first movie released by DreamWorks was The Peacemaker, followed by Steven Spielberg's Amistad. Some of the most popular movies put out by the company includes Saving Private Ryan, American Beauty, Gladiator and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.