Watch TV Shows on EL REY NETWORK

The El Rey Network is a special creation from producer and director Robert Rodriguez. It is an English language American television network that targets Latino audiences living in the United States

Started in 2013, the El Rey Network has already built up a strong following from both the target Latino audience as well as others who appreciate the stylized presentation of content that is heavily influenced by Rodriguez and his fellow creative minds.

Film buffs flock to the El Rey Network to get an inside glimpse into the minds of great filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo Del Toro and John Carpenter in the Rodriguez hosted show "The Director's Chair". Also for fans of Grindhouse style cinema who were introduced to the genre by the likes of Rodriguez and Tarantino will enjoy the special airings of grindhouse classics such as the original Django and Inglorius Basterds films. Other types of movies that are highlights of the schedule include cult horror classics and kung-fu movie classics.

An American/Latino channel would be incomplete if it didn't feature some sports content. Nothing quite represents the demographic of the El Rey Network than Lucha Libre style professional wrestling. Rodriguez and his fellow producers went all out to create a very unique lucha libre program that they have titled "Lucha Underground". Part dramatic program and part wrestling show this show features legends of Mexican and American wrestling such as Johnny Mundo, Alberto El Patron, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and the Blue Demon.

There are tons of other featured programs such as airings of television's most iconic television programs like Miami Vice, The X-Files, and Dark Angel.