Watch TV Shows on Electric Sky

The Electric Sky channel shows programs that display music videos by rock bands. Although there are many channels that show music videos, there are few channels that are specific to just rock songs and bands. Despite the fact that there are more genres of music than ever before, rock is still a large market with a rabid fan base. The Electric Sky channel has grown exponentially every year that it has been active. One of the reasons for this growth is the fact that they are one of the only channels that cater specifically to rock fans.

The Electric Sky channel was founded in 2009 as a cable channel that could also be viewed online or with an app. Today, there are actually more viewers and users on the app than the actual channel. Many customers report listening to the channel's app throughout the day at work or while working around the house. Providing this value to customers with a free app is another reason the channel has continued to grow. Overall, the Electric Sky channel has grown quickly since its founding, and many people expect that the channel and its users will continue to grow in the future as it expands across the world.