Watch TV Shows on Film Ideas TV

Film Ideas TV started in 1999 as a small broadcast station in Chuskee, Illinois. Now, it has expanded to include markets throughout the world. It distributes digital media to outlets worldwide. Its content focuses around the film industry and includes formats such as television shows, documentaries, and feature films. It has expanded in recent years and was bought out by Holden Corporation in 2007.

Viewers can access the content on various devices including the Roku 3, Apple TV and traditional cable packages. The internet is a primary distribution source for the channel viewers can stream content live or download it for later use. in 2013, the company announced a plan to merge forces with Disney's children division to produce animated material for young filmmakers.

Current titles include Film Nation, Young Directors Club, and Actor's Mind. Actor's Mind interviews a variety of successful actors in Hollywood and asks them how they got their start and what their method is. For example, one episode follows Jason Green around as he drives a filming location in Los Angeles to his mansion in Beverly Hills. Film Nation is more focused on independent producers, writers, directors, and actors. Many of the show's main characters are currently students at film schools or other universities. It documents their journey from writing the script to raising funds to filming the actual series of events. Young Directors Club is a new show that aims to educate young artists on the importance of hard work and perseverance in the very harsh film industry.