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Forum Snowboards is a television channel based in Colorado. It focuses on delivering content in the form of documentaries and live coverage of sporting events. Its digital media operations have extended to include internet broadcasting, therefore viewers can see the shows online with internet-connected devices. The channel began as a small operation in Aspen, Colorado when college senior Shawn Nichols began taking video and pictures of competitions in the area. Snowboarding, skiing, and alpine jumps were all part of the original channel. Today, the same themes exist in the channel's shows but they are more polished due to a higher budget for film, writing, staff, and advertising.

In 2014, Fox Broadcasting bought the rights to the show, leading it to appear on a number of cable packages and expanding to include more programs and service international markets. Currently, the channel is set to cover the 2017 Winter Games in Colorado. Certain athletes are sponsored by Forum Snowboards such Kerri Smith, Julie Hammond, Mike Warton, and Jermaine Oraron. In addition to live coverage of events, there are also in-depth reality segments that detail the lives of professional athletes. For example, a show called Boarders Beyond Borders is focused on bringing the secret lives of athletes into the public eye for the enjoyment of viewers. In the show, a host named Carl Marcus interviews snow athletes about issues in their training, competition, and personal lives. The show has received high ratings by critics and viewers and the company has announced that it will run for another season.

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