Watch TV Shows on Foxtel

Australian based Foxtel is a pay television company that functions as a duopoly in cable television. Foxtel was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between News Corp and Telstra. Includes both a channel as well as a cable provider. Foxtel has made a commitment to having the best available content to their customers.

Foxtel offers a variety of ways for their customers to view their products. This includes HD offerings as well as mobile viewing options. These are all available in a digital format which makes viewing easy for their customers. There are a wide variety of channels available, however in recent years Foxtel has ceased showing several channels that have refused to renew their contracts. This means that Foxtel subscribers may not be getting all of the channels they want.

The Foxtel Mobile offering is available on the Telstra mobile network which covers 99% of the Australian population. This means that Foxtel mobile viewing is available to nearly the entire population.

Foxtel has a main focus on sports programming. Their highest rated programs are sport events. The 2011 Rugby World Cup on Fox Sports 1 average 500,000 viewers. This means that Foxtel has focused on bringing as many live sporting events as possible to their Australian viewer base.