Watch TV Shows on Fresh TV Inc.

Fresh TV is a production company devoted to tweens and teens everywhere. They specialize in youth entertainment by creating animated and live-action television geared for the interests of teen audiences. Their shows air across a variety of well-known kid's channels such as Disney and Cartoon Network. Some of their biggest hits include Total Drama, 6Teen, My Babysitter's a Vampire, and Stoked.

Total Drama is one of Fresh TV's greatest successes. Total Drama, an animated parody of TV reality shows, aired on Cartoon Network and Teletoon. It revolved around a group of teenagers on a remote island competing for a cash prize. Each character was an homage to classic personalities usually found in every reality show, resulting in hilarious and dramatic situations. Stoked, Grojband, and 6Teen round out Fresh TV's animated series.

My Babysitter's a Vampire is a popular tv movie and tv show on both the Disney Channel and Teletoon. The show follows three sci-fi loving teenagers and their babysitter, who is also a vampire, on their quest to stop an ancient group of vampires from being resurrected. Bunks, a made for tv movie about teens trying to stop a Zombie apocalypse, and Really Me, a tv series about a teenager landing her own reality show, are other live-action programs produced by Fresh TV.

Fresh TV offers programming that every tween and teen can relate to. The producers are dedicated to understanding the younger generation and providing quality tv that can not only make viewers laugh, but inspire them as well.