Watch TV Shows on Hard Candy Fitness

Hardcandy Fitness channel offers fitness classes online and at top of the line facilities around the world! This channel offers a variety of classes that will appeal to several different preferences for working out. These classes allow the discovery of just how fun getting fit can be.

Classes are available in major destination cities such as Sydney, Berlin, Toronto, Santiago, Rome, Moscow, St. Petersburg and last but not least, Mexico City. This channel is continuously innovating new fitness ideas from around the world. They are well known for their Addicted to Sweat programs which bring together different workouts such as cardio dance, flexibility, and toning used by pop star and icon Madonna. This program combines cutting edge dance choreography, flexibility and strength exercises to create a new and total body workout. Other unique classed offered are Ripped Yoga and Spiderweb.

This fitness channel gives not only a variety of classes, but is inspiring and energizing as well. Fitness coaches and gurus (aka the Sweat Crew) offer tips and motivation to keep participants going. An upbeat playlist loaded with fun and pump-you-up songs by artists like Madonna, Jay-Z, and Rihanna is also featured to make working out a bit more epic. From beginners to exercise veterans looking for something new, Hardcandy fitness channel is a fun and unique resource for exercise and getting fit.