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Harvey Entertainment is a media channel based in Holland. It is an international producer of digital content and caters to markets in Europe, Asia, and North America. It began in 2001 when entrepreneur Harvey Weistein wanted a better way to get his message to international markets. He decided that film and television were the best forms of spreading any message and began to explore opportunities in that industry. Soon, he raised enough money to produce his first show which went on to experience critical success.

Since then, the channel has expanded from a local channel into a global force that brings comedy, drama, and news to viewers everywhere. The channel announced in 2011 that it would be partnering with Viacom to produce a new reality television series called "Women in Strohm."

Current titles on the channel include Smith and Wesson's World, The Europe I Know, and Extreme Wars. Extreme Wars, for example, features a narrator who describes various events in Europe during the last 150 years. It begins with World War I and extends into the current conflicts between nations such as Monaco and Italy. Smith and Wesson's World is a fictional series of shows that tell the story of a young man who purchases a gun from his grandfather's pawn shop. After a civil war breaks out in his hometown in Germany, he is forced to fight his enemies with little food, shelter, and support. His journey is dramatic and thrilling throughout and the series extends for 13 episodes.

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