Watch TV Shows on Hasbro

Ubisoft recently announced that they will launch a Hasbro game channel. This channel will bring classic board games Hasbro is known for to gaming consoles.

The increased availability of family friendly games will hopefully boost subscriptions to online gaming memberships as well. This type of membership is required to play socially which is how the games on the channel are designed to be enjoyed. With this type of ability families can play with members across the country and make new friends around the world. The familiarity of the games should encourage those that have never participated in online gaming to join in the fun.

There will be classics like Risk and a live version of Trivial Pursuit as well. The Trivial Pursuit includes brand new categories and modern questions. Monopoly is the most popular of all Hasbro board games and will be available on the channel in a couple of new variations. These include; My Monopoly, Monopoly Plus, and Monopoly Deal. The introduction of these allows the game to be enjoyed in a whole new way.

The channel will be available to both Xbox One and Playstation owners. They will be a paid download. There is currently no pricing information available.