Watch TV Shows on Headline News

Headline News is an American cable channel which is owned by a division of Time Warner. All across America, this television channel is available. Since 2000, it has also been available international in some parts.

The channel does exactly what its title claims. It gives you a vast array of headlines, ones that cover a variety of topics. There is crime, entertainment, and newsworthy stories being displayed on the television. The network really likes to emphasize the social media side of things, and that plays a big role in what they show. The show connects with Facebook and Twitter. The channel briefly scrolls through these headlines, in order to have enough time to cover all of the major ones.

The idea behind this channel was that once or twice a day is not enough time to be consuming the most up-to-date news. This channel feature a way for people to turn in and instantly connect with what was going on! If something happened at 8 AM, you wouldn't have to wait all the way till the 5 PM newscast to hear about it.

The lineup consisted of rolling news programs. But, at the beginning of this month the company added something new. Headline News made headlines themselves by choosing to air movies. They aired the movie called Glory on February 12th, 2015. This was the beginning of their decision to air feature films. These feature films would be shown as part of their "News and a Movie" segment.