Watch TV Shows on IHR, LLC.

IHR stands for International Human Rights and is a channel dedicated to showing programs and providing help for those in need internationally. There are billions of people around the world in need and millions who live below one dollar a day. Due to political and social unrest around the world many people believe that these living conditions will only get worse. International Human Rights seeks to show those in developed countries how bad things are in some areas of the world. Many of the shows will focus in on one area of the world or one specific problem. Then, at the end of the show, International Human Rights will ask for donations to go to the country or the cause.

Social media plays a big impact for International Human Rights in getting the word out about their programs. The channel also has a great website that viewers are able to send donations through. The channel is less than ten years old but has already collected tens of millions of dollars for the various causes it has shed light on. In the future, many people believe that International Human Rights will continue to grow both its web traffic and actual television viewers. Overall, the channel has done a great job in growing its brand and audience base. Many experts in the field expect this growth to continue, and people around the world are hoping International Human Rights does just that.