Watch TV Shows on IMS Productions

IMS Productions is a multimedia company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, close to the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Probably best known to the general public as the company behind IndyCar programming, they also provide studio based activities and maintain a mobile production capability, meaning that their reach is greater than just the Indianapolis area.

For in-house production, their studios are controlled by the Production Group and are composed of 2 fully equipped studios. There is a team of editors, producers, video production staff and graphic designers who work closely with clients to produce creative and innovative multimedia tools. They offer the full range of studio service from single live shows to full-scale productions, complete with a studio audience.

Out on location, their mobile unit fleet is composed of state of the art production trucks. Their latest innovation is “HD 5” which is the most advanced technology currently available. In association with Time Warner Cable Sports, they have completed a “proof-of-concept” broadcast with outstanding 4K image quality production.

IMS Productions have been involved in the creation of commercials, documentaries, and, most notably, sporting events. In addition to IndiCar, they have broadcast from many other events, such as the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. For client work, they have undertaken the full range of services from storyboarding to writing, shooting and editing. Their involvement has ranged from short web-based items, all the way up to long-form documentaries and event programming.