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About IndieFlix

The IndieFlix channel is a station that provides an array of different Independent films in many different languages. There are some English, Italian and French films that are independently produced that surface on this network. It is designed to highlight the small films that do not have the big budgets that are often associated with Hollywood films.

Many of the movies presented through this channel are short films. Some of the movies span for more than a hour, but many of the films are less than 30 minutes. Lots of these films have subtitles, and the majority the films do not have well-known actors. These independently produced films attract audiences that stray from the mainstream Hollywood films that are produced for large audiences.

What this channel does is provide an outlet for films for people that do not have a lot of time to dedicate to epic big budget films. Many Hollywood films are more than 2 hours in length. The films on the IndieFlix network, by contrast, are usually only around 10 to 20 minutes long.

There are a plethora of different movie themes here. There are drama, comedy and romance movies. The channel provides an outlet for new producers and directors to gain exposure through the short films that they produce. The IndieFlix channel brings some award winning filmmakers - on a smaller scale - to a network where more people can get exposed to their work. This is the ideal channel for viewers that seek undiscovered talent.

About This Channel