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Monarch Films is one of the world's leading distributors and sellers of independently produced documentaries and educational programming. Founded in 1991, the company is based in Jersey City, New Jersey and sells a large amount of the documentaries it licenses and distributes to cable channels in the US, including The learning Channel and Discovery. In recent years the company has also expanded its sales and distribution of major shows, such as I Dream of Jodie: he Jodie Moore Story to broadcast networks and cable channels across the UK, Japan and Germany, amongst other countries.

Although Monarch Films specializes in the production of documentaries the range of shows produced varies by a huge amount with a large number of historical documentaries amongst the most popular distributed by the company. Awakening Arthur is a documentary looking to explain and investigate the mythical legend of the English King Arthur. Klondike: Quest for Gold combines the historical elements of a documentary with aspects of a reality show as four men and one women set out to recreate the journey of those who embarked on the Klondike gold rush. Monarch Films has also produced a number of documentaries based around space and the work of NASA, particularly about man's first journeys to the Moon. Perhaps the most famous space documentary produced is Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon, which used interviews and recreations to examine the truth behind the first ever Moon landing.