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NBA TV channel has provided cable television with a channel that showcases one of the countries greatest sports, everyday of the year. The NBA Channel provides viewers with detailed back stories regarding all of their favorite NBA players. Unlike the mainstream sports networks, which can only cover one particular sport or story within the sport for a few minutes during the show's broadcast time, the NBA channel provides around the clock coverage of the NBA and is one of the newer entries to the one sport only cable channel.

The channel achieves its broadcast range by designing a programming schedule which includes the channel's own NBA news broadcast which is sandwiched between rebroadcast of games played earlier in the week, replays of historical games and championship games, special reports on individuals who have made significant contributions to the game or reports on draft day, training camps and other behind the scene stories.

A channel solely dedicated to the subject of the NBA provides the viewers with the ability to absorb more of the NBA product. NBA human interest stories are able to be more fully developed and the NBA has a forum to build upon its brand and draw in more viewership which the NBA hopes translates into a wider and more loyal customer base.

The channel also provides the NBA with the ability to define its product in a manner that maximizes the NBA's entertainment value. This helps the channel to sustain ratings and build upon its viewing audience.

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