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Program Partners is a television production company that is well-known within the industry for their innovative programming. They have had a number of different and famous clients, including such networks as Acorn Media, CBS Television Stations, Cox, Discovery, Fox Television Stations, Lifetime, Merv Griffin Entertainment, Sony Pictures, and Tribune Broadcasting. Some of their unique programs include the following:

DaVinci's Inquest: This television series premiered with Haddock Entertainment in 1998 in the Canadian market. The basic premise of the show was on the main character, one Dominic DaVinci. A former Mountie, he is now a crime-fighting coroner.

Animal Miracles with Alan Thicke: Viewers may remember Alan Thicke from the acclaimed American show Growing Pains. In this show he details various amazing stories about animals and the way that they help humans. Various stories are showcased, such as dog rescues and other types of animal heroism.

Desolation Sound: This was a film that program partners produced that starred Ed Begley Jr. The film is kind of from the dark humor genre because of the fact that an individual is unintentionally murdered and buried in a friend's backyard. The friends enlist the aid of another friend in order to stage a car accident. Ultimately, the murder remains unsolved even though the sheriff suspects that there is much more to the story. The movie premiered on Lifetime in 2005.

Cold Squad: This was a crime drama that premiered in 2006 on the Crime Watch network in the fall of 2006.

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