Watch TV Shows on Pure History

Pure History Channel is a collection of documentaries produced on a wide variety of historical topics selected by Most of the documentaries are all under an hour in length, although virtually all are under 90 minutes and are presented without commercial interruptions. The organization draws from many different international sources, selecting documentaries produced by top journalists and filmmakers.

Although Pure History focuses on the past of the United States, the goal of the organization is to provide useful and engaging content about all facets of recorded human history from around the world. The channel's collection includes historical movies, documentaries on the golden years of radio and television, television westerns from the 1940s to the 1990s, programming from television stations across the globe and much more. Pure History also has a dedicated focus on the history of acting and the history of music. In addition to providing videos on selected subjects, the channel also has extensive accompanying texts that provide further detailed information on the highlighted subject.

Pure History also has occasionally aired specials about topics in recent history. These have included topics such as the bombing of Darwin in World War II, Princess Diana's relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, China's one-child reproductive policy, John F. Kennedy's women and Burj Khalifa, Dubai's vertical city. Viewers can also find documentaries on traditional historical subjects such as the world's oldest mummies, Samurai bows and the legends of Santa Claus.