Watch TV Shows on Sky Arts

Sky Arts is a network of three channels which cater to the cultural connoisseur. Sky Arts 1 features twenty first century documentaries, rock music concerts and series. Sky Arts 2 showcases the theatre with opera, ballet and classical music. Sky Arts HD rounds out the list; however, this is the simulcast version of programming on Sky Arts 1 and 2.

Live music such as the British band Depeche Mode performing in German or rebroadcast of a concert by the band Suede is available for the music enthusiast. Interviews with musical legends Paul McCartney and George Harrison are common place. But for those viewers who want instrumentals, there are the concerts of virtuosos such as violinist Andre Rieu.

The Legacy is a show about a Scandinavian family who navigates the everyday dramas of life. Viewers watch as the characters fall in and out of love, receives bad news from the doctors and more. The plot thickens with each episode of this evening soap opera.

Grand Hotel has episodes of intrigue at an upscale accommodation filled with murder mysteries and love triangles. The owners of the hotel are family members and keep the viewer engrossed on what will happen next. The employees of the hotel find themselves caught in the middle.

Playhouse Presents showcases British theatrical talent such as Rhys Ifans, Tom Jones, Vanessa Redgrave and more. An episode in season one entitled ‘Walking The Dogs’ starred Emma Thompson playing the Queen of England who is surprised by an uninvited guest in her bedroom. This comedy was a result of a true incident.