Watch TV Shows on SOFA

Many may wonder why a channel simply dedicated to the broadcast with a subject matter of sofas would be appealing. They would miss the mark with the advent and success of channels such as the Home Shopping Network Channel and Home and the Home and Garden Television. These channels have a significant dedicated and loyal viewer base.

The SOFA Channel would not only be able to present and market various sofa products but it would be an excellent platform for shows designed around interior design and room design and room painting concepts. Sofas are the most used as well as the most changed piece of furniture in an individual's home. It is also at the core of any interior design or room design concept. A viewer would love to watch a show in which programming was designed to provide them with choice selections of not only various sofa types but also information regarding the type of manufacturers who make the furniture.

A channel which would seem like it would be a single topic show would actually be able to provide extensive programming for the viewing audience and would find a niche in the design or home art programming market.

The SOFA Channel would be able to provide the artistic and creative expression of a number of individual furniture makers such as the amish and show case the craftsmanship which goes into the creation of each piece of furniture. Sofa design is so broad and varied that many will find it hard to turn away from the channel.