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For people desiring to see the world but simply lack the resources or the time to do so, the Travel Channel represents the perfect getaway without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. Filled with countless television programs that are meant to provoke fun and knowledge into the minds of viewers, Travel Channel is perfect for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of traveling much in their life.

One of the most popular programs on Travel Channel are those hosted by world renowned chef and author, Anthony Bourdain. His program, No Reservations, has been taking viewers to both exotic locations across the globe, as well as some episodes that are centered around the United States. Bourdain brings along a camera crew as he ventures into countries such as those in Western Europe, and also to countries that do not get a ton of exposure, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Sardinia, and Russia. Bourdain makes it a point to portray the people of a culture, more importantly than the food. He wants people to grasp an understanding of a nation's people more than anything else.

Another popular series on Travel Channel is Bizarre Foods, hosted by renowned television personality and Chef, Andrew Zimmern. In this program, Zimmern takes viewers on a journey to countries that do no get much exposure, and puts heavy emphasis on the unconventional foods they eat. He desires to show audiences that no matter how "gross" Americans might view the cuisine of other nations, every individual on the planet is unique and must be embraced.

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