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Zalman King was a well-known American actor, director, and film producer. His career started back in the sixties. He played parts on several well-known television shows watched by millions across the country. Zalman King was a multi-talented individual that also branched out to directing films that were considered erotic at the time. Those first films included Wild Orchid I, Wild Orchid II, Red Shoe Diaries.

The actor, producer, and director created films that provided entertainment for millions at the movie theaters. However, today the films produced are available on cable and satellite television. Furthermore, there are channels that are dedicated to providing a place to watch his films exclusively. Today, the Zalman King Company produced more films for the public. The latest films include March with the Devil, Pain and Pleasure, Last Drag, Swing House, Hesitation, Whiplash ZK, Willie and the Wheel, Conversations with Women I Know, Dance with the Devil, Crazy Again, Red Shoes Diary: Las Vegas, Body Count: Murder for Hire, Forty Deuce, Zalman King's Sex Y & Z, Barely Brook, Women of the Night, Wind on Water, A Place Called Truth, Business For Pleasure, and many more.

Zalman King was known as the creator of erotic films. His legacy continues on the Zalman King Company Channel.

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