Watch TV Shows on 20th Century Fox

Since 1949 20th Century Fox Television has operated as the television production division for the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. They have long been responsible for the production of the television shows across many networks that bear the 20th Century Fox logo.

In their early days they produced a variety of quality programs such as “My Friend Flicka” and “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” This led to them making many of the favorite shows on television for a number of decades. And with the rapid expansion of the television markets since the beginning of cable networks, the production company has seen a large increase in size and power.

With the creation of the Fox Television Network in 1986, the 20th Century Fox family had a wholly owned outlet for shows produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The company is acknowledged as the official production arm of the network and has had a hand in making nearly all of the shows that have aired on it.

Even with this outlet they continue to produce popular programming for many networks, both broadcast and cable. Some of their recent successes have been “ Last Man Standing” for ABC and “How I Met Your Mother” for CBS. They are involved in the upcoming programming across all aspects of television viewing.