Watch TV Shows on AUDIENCE Network

Audience Network is a general entertainment channel that provides a variety of series, special and feature films. The network was originally launched with the name Freeview, carrying recordings of concerts and other special events. Several years later, it received an identity change with the name the 101 Network, a reference to basic level college classes.

The channel airs a combination of original series, acquired programming, off-network programming and international television shows. Original series broadcast by Audience Network have included "The Supreme Court of Comedy," a pseudo judge comedy show; "Rock in a Hard Place," a celebrity game show hosted by Meat Loaf; and "The Dan Patrick Show," a television simulcast of the weekday morning syndicated sports radio program.

Purchased series that Audience has aired have included "Wonderland," the soap opera "Passions," "Friday Night Lights" and "Damages." Among the network's most popular international shows has been the Canadian series "Trailer Park Boys." Other popular international offerings have included the Australian miniseries "Underbelly" and British shows "No Heroics," "How Not to Live Your Life" and "Mutual Friends."

From time to time, Audience Network has aired special programming in conjunction with sporting events or live concerts that have included "Celebrity Beach Bowl" and several different events associated with NCAA's college basketball's March Madness. The network has also aired the South by Southwest Festival and Farm Aid.