Watch TV Shows on Discovery Velocity

Discovery Velocity is an American television channel based in Colorado. It features a variety of content ranging from comedy, to suspenseful thrillers, to live news. It provide television shows as well as films on the channel. The content can be accessed through traditional methods such as cable packages or online by streaming or downloading the content for a small fee. The company was founded in 2001 when James Shintzle saw an opportunity to bring quality adventure content to the world. The nature of the programming revolves around science, history, geography, and travel. Originally, James began by filming his own hiking trips and uploading them online. Eventually, he received additional funding and was able to produce more high quality content and reach a wider audience.

Current titles on the channel include Fear is Nothing, Hike the Mountain, and Travel 360. Fear is Nothing features two young hosts, Bradley and Ryan, as they travel around the world performing dangerous stunts. The theme of the show centers around the ability of humans to overcome obstacles, especially fear. The show launched in 2009 and is slated to continue through 2015.

Travel 360 is a hybrid show that offers information about food, travel, and decorating. The couples featured on the show will often walk through fresh food markets or go looking for vacation homes. In the multiple segments, viewers are shown the real side of the cities in terms of local life, economy, and nature. The show was started in 2012 by Jeremy Harper, the show's producer.