Watch TV Shows on FEARnet

FEARnet was a digital cable channel that was the product of a joint venture between Sony Pictures, Comcast, and Lionsgate Entertainment. The channel provided horror and suspense themed programming and targeted a niche audience. In addition to the cable channel, a video on demand and internet site were produced to facilitate additional programming. FEARnet no longer exists as it was the other two partners were bought out by Comcast. The bulk of the programming on FEARnet was moved to its former competitor Chiller and other remaining programming moved to SyFy.

Fans of horror movies past and present enjoyed the 350+ feature films that aired on the channel annually. The channel also presented reruns of classic horror-themed television shows such as Tales from the Crypt and more. Even original programming was produced for the channel, but none of the programming really captured a large audience. Even a block of children's programming (mainly 'spooky' kid's show reruns) was part of the weekly lineup.

FEARnet was only in existence for a short period of time and was not able to build up a huge audience. Popularity in horror projects began to wane as the channel was launched. In July of 2014, the channel went off the air.