Watch TV Shows on HLN

The HLN Channel is known for presenting a reality context to daily life in a variety of forms. There is the namesake trending news show HLN, which reviews the latest national and international happenings. It begins daily with Robin Meade in the morning. The talk show genre is also offered with shows such as Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew On Call. For viewers with a penchant for reality television there is the show What Would You Do?

Robin Meade in the Mornings starts the day with interviews with a variety of guests from the average individual with a story to tell to politicians who are discussing their platform. The tempo and information is given to the audience as a way to enlighten and empower.

Nancy Grace is the host of her own show, which discusses everything in the world of law and order. She has guests from a range of backgrounds that are intricately involved with active and high profiles cases nationally. The conversation is frank and candid as Nancy Grace drills down.

Dr. Drew On Call is hosted by the real Dr. Drew Pinsky. He is an addiction specialist who assist everyday individuals as well as celebrities with the issues of sobriety. The topics and dialogue are vivid at times which will draw the viewer in.

What Would You Do? is an hour long show hosted by John Quinones. There are hidden cameras everywhere to capture moments of call to action in scripted scenarios. However, the hook is will the participants act when they think no one is watching.