Watch TV Shows on Lego Group

Lego's are tiny bricks that nearly every person has played with during their youth. Some continue into adulthood continuously crafting new designs as a collectors item, or just to bond with their child. Lego Group is the team of people who execute daily tasks to keep their company and customers advancing together, and the explain how in a compilation of videos.

Working Together Equals Success

The Lego Group is all the collaborating team members of the Lego company. Each person lay a unique roll in the advancements of the company. These are women and men in separate departments putting their ideas together for success.

Multiple Multilingual Interviews

On this channel viewers will find individual interviews with the developers of new Lego creations that last no longer than three minutes. Interviewees are those who have been with the company for twenty plus years, while others work in local retail stores. Not all videos are spoken in English, those spoken in Duestch are translated on the screen.

A Joy To Go To Work

Videos on this channel will inform of the the daily routine employees of Lego have, its always something new and incredible, which keeps the employees anxious to begin a new day.