Watch TV Shows on Media Blasters Inc.

Media Blasters Inc. is a television channel that is headquartered in Singapore. As a distributor of a variety of content, including digital media, television shows, movies, music, and more, it is often scrutinized for its use of licensed materials that reflect an alternate view of society. However, the channel's founders - Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen - believe that the channel has the potential to change the world. The duo created the channel in 2009 after quitting their corporate jobs (as Sales VP and industrial designer, respectively) in California. They picked up their things and moved to Southeast Asia, where they proceeded to ride motorcycles across the continent before coming to a shocking realization: the local media was not open and free like in the United States.

Determined to make a difference, the channel now operates internationally, featuring its content online for the world to see. Users can stream the content, download it, or watch it live on devices such as smartphones, laptop computers, Apple TV, or traditional cable boxes.

In 2011, the company announced a partnership with Jackhole Media to acquire the rights to previously undiscovered interviews and documentaries. The titles that were obtained include "Underground Mafia" and "Real News."

Underground Mafia is about the story of the secret crime organizations who control the media around certain parts of Hong Kong. Real News is about the world of editing in international news. Editors take pieces of content and chop it up into segments in order to deceive the viewer into changing their views.