Watch TV Shows on Media Factory

Media Factory is a media channel based in Hong Kong. It specializes in digital media distribution. The content includes a variety of genres including film, television, music, and written content. It hosts comedy, news, drama, sports, and business programs.

The company began in 1977 when a young businessman met a media mogul who was losing his business due to tax laws. In order to save the business and create a stronger channel that served the needs of the public, Richard Chong purchased the company. He was able to grow the company to a large exit and sell it to Warner Brothers.

Now, the channel is available on a global scale and serves markets in key cities such as Tokyo, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.

The content is viewable via a smartphone, tablet, or computer with the aid of applications. It is also available on the company's website or on cable television packages.

Current shows include "Live from Tokyo," "World Sports," and "Business Today."

Live Tokyo features two anchors and numerous reporters in the field that write and deliver the daily news. Topics include politics, sports, and more.

World Sports focuses on the largest sporting events around the world, including the World Cup, the Super Bowl, and the FIFA Cup, among others. Commentators provide live coverage as well as in depth analysis on players, coaches, teams, and leagues as a whole.

The company is set to cover the 2018 World Cup and broadcast it on a number of stations.