Watch TV Shows on RLJ Entertainment

RLJ Entertainment was founded by Robert L. Johnson who is a powerful entrepreneur. This is part of his RLJ Companies which is an American asset management firm. Black Entertainment Television was Robert L. Johnson's first company which he later sold in 2001. He produced Black Entertainment Television in Bethseda, Maryland and became chairman of the company. He even remained BET's CEO until 2006, after it was sold.

RLJ Entertainment was produced in 2012 when RLJ Companies obtained Acorn Media Group, Inc. and Image Entertainment Inc. The trading ticker under NASDAQ is RLJE. RLJ Entertaiment is a completely independent owner, producer, licensee, and distributor of entertainment in North America mainly, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It also owns and distributes other brands including Acorn, Image, UMC, Acacia, Athena, and Madacy. These are all available on both cable and satellite television.

RLJ Entertainment owns 64% of Agatha Christie Limited therefor, oversees the intellectual property and publishing rights to some of the best mystery fiction projects of all time. Some examples are Miss Marple and Poirot. RLJ Entertainment also owns Foyle’s War, a top mystery show in the United Kingdom.

All of RLJ Entertaiment's brands are monetized under the umbrella and encourage viewers to watch the channel that focuses on their interests the most. Acorn targets British TV, Image; featured films and stand up comedy, UMC; Urban audiences, Acacia; fitness, Athena; documentaries, and finally, Madacy; gifts. RLJ Entertainment covers everything that an audience would need with all of its brands and has millions of satisfied viewers.