Watch TV Shows on SciFi Channel

SciFi Channel or Syfy television is an American basic cable and satellite channel with numerous classic science fiction shows. Additionally scheduled general entertainment productions have been added over the past several years. It is owned by a division of NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast.

The New York City headquartered television channel has included world wrestling venues for a general broadcasting audience. It has received international recognition for successful four season miniseries and was awarded an Emmy for best new miniseries. Popular shows on this channel have included drama and fantasy featured broadcasts, along with reality and paranormal shows. Horror and classic mystery shows are frequently aired. Supernatural and haunted history features are frequently presented to alternative television audiences.

Basic cable viewing includes television script adaptations of best selling authors, made for television shows, and science fiction adaptions of modern stories. Stories are based on new life forms, various factions that have uncovered powerful life secrets and alien families living among humans, for example. SciFi channel stories present versions of earth where magic has taken the place of modern technology and other adaptations. Ocean explorations have been featured on this popular channel.

Other SciFi channel stories involve original films that this broadcast channel has produced. Escapist movies about sea creatures and extreme weather events are frequently offered for viewing. The escapist movies feature ancient sea creatures that have come back to life. Extreme weather events include extraordinary hurricanes and tornadoes that cause massive destruction for local residents and their families.