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Taste TV is a multimedia network that offers viewers food, wine, fashion, travel and lifestyle productions nationwide. The network reaches millions of viewers all over the United States with over 100 television programs nationwide. A host of the productions are available on cable Video on demand that viewers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The network, also launches top of the line events such as the celebrity studded taste awards, in which TasteTV was nominated for best food, fashion and home lifestyle productions via television, film, online and on the radio. In addition, the company also produces nationwide and luxury Chocolate Salons that includes Chocolate Salon competitions, a host of food and wine, and product reviews.

Taste TV, also delivers original content through books, eBooks, magazines, guides and annuals. The company also offers a handful of services and products as well as B2B services. Taste TV emphasizes the essential and the multi-formality of services that viewers anticipate in today's technology.

For years, the network has brought forth dedicated consistency, inspiration and adventure to the nation. In addition, TMS also hosts cooking shows, travel, recipes, book reviews, celebrity news, short films and documentaries that are viewed by the nation.

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