Watch TV Shows on The Three Stooges

In an age where finding anything for all ages proves nearly impossible, The Three Stooges films stand the test of time for universal comedic genius. Originally a Vaudeville act, The Three Stooges took to the silver screen in 1930, and would continue to bring smiles to a world-wide audience all the way through 1965. Though fluid as a cast, they were consistent specialists of slapstick buffoonery that no one has been able to top in comedic history. The comedic stylings of the stooges continue to be a muse to present day comedians and film makers; even as late as 2012 the Farrelly brothers created a new spin on the old classic.

To watch these classics is to enter a world that is impossible to take seriously, which is a welcome escape for anyone. A laugh for the whole family awaits you as you tune in to see the comedic shenanigans of Moe, Larry, and Shemp bringing their wacky havoc to a fire station in their first release, Soup To Nuts. Cheer on your favorite trio try tackle the gridiron in Three Little Pigskins. Enjoy the pseudo-historical lampoon of Moe, Larry, and Curly trying to hide the Lovely Diana from Octopus Grabus, her near-sighted suitor. Whatever adventure you join them on, the Three Stooges are guaranteed to bring laugh after side splitting laugh from yesterday’s golden screen.