Watch TV Shows on Asian Media

Asian Media is a Chinese media company based in Shanghai, China. It provides multiple channels of content for television, film, and music interests. While it is based in Asia, it distributes content globally and has a number of partners worldwide in countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, and The United States.

Asian Media began as a news broadcasting channel in Hong Kong before the British handover and the subsequent change of Hong Kong as a Special Autonomous Region. When that occurred, Asian Media moved its operations first to Beijing and second to Shanghai after reaching a significant point of growth due to expanding the services offered.

When the channel began offering additional programming outside of traditional local news segments, revenues rose and viewers began requesting sports, business, and child entertainment shows.

Now, Asian media offers a variety of television shows in Asia that are popular in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea as well as China. The channel has an estimated 200,000,000 viewers worldwide, and recently partnered with the Japanese company Sony in order to combine distribution efforts and reach customer that otherwise might miss out on the quality content.

Viewers can choose to watch the media online in a streaming format or by downloading it. They can also elect to purchase a membership through cable devices such as Roku or Apple TV.

Asian Media is currently working on a new comedic series that will follow Chinese CEO's around and help them play pranks on their employees before revealing their true identity.