Watch TV Shows on RHI Entertainment

RHI Entertainment is part of a large parent cable television company that is now part of the Sonar Entertainment Company. RHI Entertainment, along with Hallmark Entertainment and Cabin Fever Entertainment, produce television mini-series and made for television movies that are family friendly, spiritual and uplifting. This American cable company has been producing for television since the late 70's and shows no signs of stopping.

Many of the made for televisions series and movies that are featured on RHI Entertainment are inspired by real life stories and events that touch people and make them think about life's circumstances. Because RHI is under the Sonar Entertainment Company umbrella, many of the films and television shows that are produced for the other cable stations under the parent company are aired across each network.

In many cases, if you subscribe to RHI Entertainment, you are also able to get access to the other Sonar cable channels, depending on the provider. With the option and availability to so much programming, this network option is a budget friendly and entertaining choice for families, adults and anyone that enjoys uplifting and meaningful stories. Now that the channel is part of a parent company, even more programming should be expected by viewers in the near future.