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Manga Entertainment is a Los Angeles based production, licensing and distribution company that is a specialist in Japanese and Japanese influenced anime. The company is well known around the World for distributing some of the most successful Japanese anime series ever produced, a major area the company specializes in is the dubbing of Japanese animations into the English language. Since its founding in 1991 Manga Entertainment has expanded to a number of areas of the World, including Australia and the UK, these are areas of the World where Manga is known for making Japanese popular culture a popular part of the mainstream culture.

Although the main portion of Manga Entertainment's work is with the dubbing and distribution of existing Japanese anime, it does have a large number of co-produced series and movies it has been responsible for. Perhaps the most famous animations the company has been responsible for producing are Ghost in the Shell and Street Fighter Alpha: The Animations. Manga rarely plays a role in the creative side of their productions, such as Eon Kid, instead providing funding for new and existing projects produced largely in Japan. Manga provides a series of Japanese based media for the public to enjoy, including a small number of Manga comics distributed by the company.