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DailyBurn promotes fitness with the opportunity to access a variety of workouts year-round. Operating under the realistic expectation that a healthy lifestyle and exercise is often tough to maintain, DailyBurn seeks to help subscribers overcome fitness plateaus by offering a diverse selection of workout types.

Seeking to satisfy the trepidation of individuals new to an exercise regimen, as well as offering an engaging selection for seasoned fitness-conscious individuals alike, DailyBurn offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers. Access to a 30-day subscription allows individuals to make an informed decision on whether or not DailyBurn can help them accomplish their fitness goals.

DailyBurn strives to make fitness consistently accessible and portable. Subscribers are able to access DailyBurn on their laptop, phone, tablet and television.

Celebrity trainers, such as The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper, have contributed to the workout programs available through DailyBurn. His training sessions, such as Black Fire, marketed as a workout for building strength alongside a lean build, have added to the wide content available through DailyBurn.

DailyBurn is widely available to individuals interested in beginning or continuing their fitness journey. By accessing DailyBurn online, it is easy to begin a free 30-day trial or subscribe to DailyBurn’s premium services. DailyBurn requests basic information to begin an account, including current weight and goal weight, gender and age.

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